Santosha Chocolate : Our Process


All Santosha Chocolate Bars are Paleo,Vegan, Certified Organic,

Gluten free ,Gmofree,and free of Soy ,Nuts ,Emulsifiers,

Fillers,and Cane Sugar. 

Our recipes integrate scientific reasearch with that wisdom of traditional medicines 

to offer nutritional properties that fuel your body mind and spirit 

All Santosha Chocolate Peruvian cacao beans are stoneground from paleo,certified Organic,Non GMO Vegan ingredients Crafted with the finest Fair trade Organic,raw cacao beans .These heirloom variety cacao beans from Peru make up less than 5% of the worlds cacao production. Our process preserves these properties 




Santosha Chocolate

Fuel for the mind and body all of our products are Stoneground from paleo, certified organic , non gmo, gluten free, vegan ingredients 

free of soy,emulsifiers,fillers and cane sugar crafted with the finest ,fair trade organic,raw cacao beans 

Bean to bar chocolate with a Purpose to offer nutritional properties to fuel your mind,body,spirit 







Santosha Chocolate

It denotes contentment and a lack of desire for what others have. Santosha is generally considered to be both an attitude and a state of deep inner peace.
free from such influences
free to pursue your own calling without fear or manipulation.

This is considered an essential part of spiritual development.